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Why Golf Instruction Fails the Golfer

Most golfers I encounter want to improve… And they also know that trying to improve their golf swing or golf game can be very frustrating. Often that frustration or even the anticipation of the frustration over lack of improvement will

Golf Inconsistency – The #1 reason for golf swing inconsistency

For years I’ve been seeing articles and videos about the different components of your golf swing that cause inconsistency. If you try them all you’ll get tied up in knots… But golf swing inconsistency all stems from one of 2

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Golf Swing Weight Shift – Yes or No?

There are two schools of thought when it comes to the golf swing weight shift. You either shift your weight during your golf swing or you leave it on the target side leg. I know golfers who are successful with

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Suggested Reading

While you are waiting patiently (thank you) for Breaking Golf’s Last Barrier to be completed, There are a few books I have read that are related to many of the concepts I use in my teachings. I put them on

Golf Starts with Balance

In every lesson I teach I always start with the one element a golf swing CANNOT exist without – Balance. But balance is so much more than any other instructor will teach you. balance is the key ingredient AND it’s

Free Golf Newsletter #1

So what does it take to succeed and achieve your golf game goals? Every year, Vince Lombardi would start his season with the same words: “Gentlemen, this is a football.” Even though his players were high caliber veterans, Lombardi left

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