The Free Golf Newsletter Is BACK!

After many years of silence, I’m back, writing a free golf newsletter. You may wonder why I took so much time off. I’ll tell you.

I was writing about the golf swing, and as much as the magazines would argue with me, the subject of the golf swing is finite. There is a beginning and an end. The golf swing is NOT as complicated as the magazines and countless “gurus’ make it out to be, so once I had covered everything it takes to make a great golf swing and the perfect golf shot, I thought I was done… until now.

As you may or may not know, I am currently writing my latest book, “Breaking Golf’s Last Barrier”, which once I get everything formatted will be released to the public. In that book, I give golfers everything they need to be successful, or so I thought.

There are still some very important pieces I mentioned, but I think merit further discussion. They are the elements it takes to succeed at the game of golf. They are the same elements it takes to succeed in life or business, but no matter how many times people read the information, it somehow gets lost.

So, I’m going to break down what it takes to succeed in YOUR golf game, depending on your goals. This really where the game of golf has the biggest impact on our lives. If you are willing to do what it takes to succeed with your golf game, you will probably start carrying those same habits over to your job, business and life. It is my hope to help you improve your life by helping you improve your golf game.

I will notify you whenever a new post has been written.

Hit’m well


38 comments on “The Free Golf Newsletter Is BACK!
  1. Bill Beeler says:

    impressed with your golf swing control look forward to your newsletter

  2. Bruce says:

    it will be nice to improve my game.

  3. Don says:

    Look forward to it.

  4. B. G. Thompson says:

    Morning Tracy,
    Glad to see you back on line and am looking forward to your new material. I finally made a break through in my golf game and learned how to “turn off my conscious swing thoughts” and let my subconscious take over. This original problem was detected by you some time ago and frankly I have been working with this ever since. It goes back to the fact that I never really learned about the power of the subconscious and how to let go while swinging or throwing etc. This has placed my golf learning efforts on a new and more powerful plateau. I hope that such concepts are included in your new material. While I am turning 73 now, I find that my excitement continues to grow with each little success.

    Good Luck

  5. rich mosney says:

    i have read hundreds of “EVERYMANS teachings,and am stii waiting for any semblance of continuity—lets see what u come up with!!!

  6. Doug Cooper says:

    Welcome back Tracy, I have missed your common sense approach.

  7. Bill says:

    you were really missed. ..

  8. guillou alain says:

    i’m a french golfer,i’m retired now .i began golf twenty five years ago;i’m still playing golf but my handicap varies between 11,12,13 it depends if i play often or not.My dream is to play well and have a handicap between 9 and zero.
    could you explain me exactly what is the relaese and tell me if i dream or not

  9. Air Airsen says:

    I would appreciate if you also made some short videos we could study where you could come with your thoughts (and instruction).

    • Cliff says:

      Hi Treed, please please send me a link to the free swing drilland the setup drill to read while I am waiting for the new book to get here.

  10. Neil Martin says:

    Great to see you back Tracy, sharing your knowledge. I am looking forward to reading your newsletters. Best, Neil

  11. mandla says:

    Hi there

    please inform me as soon as the book is released

    kind regards

  12. Alan says:

    Looking forward to your ideas

  13. Donald Smith says:

    Good luck. I look forward to reading your thoughts on this challenging game. D.

  14. John Parks says:

    Looking forward to your technics

  15. garry miller says:

    looking forward to what you have to say.

  16. Greg Hill says:

    Glad to hear this, Tracy! You’re The Best!


  17. Deb Bandyopadhyay says:

    Will appreciate to get my name included in subscriber’s list.


  18. Roland says:

    Hi Tracy. Glad to ear from you again, and I am impatient to read your new book when it will be published.

  19. david B says:

    long and stright is my goal.

  20. Sam Blackwell says:

    Glad you’re back.

  21. Charles Robinson says:

    I got the email to confirm for the free chapter and I clicked on the link withi – and got 404- page not found. WHAT?


    Click the link above to give us permission to send you

  22. Mel says:

    Tracy nice to have you back! I have had your DVD for years and still review often.

  23. MARTIN CHAMPS says:

    hi tracey,
    good luck with book,sounds very interesting.playing better now thanks to the swing control system,many thanks.a system for putting would be good.

  24. Lohman Ron says:

    Since I am a teaching pro I am always open to good fundamentals to pass along to my students.

  25. Bill Flowers says:

    I bought your program through Andy Anderson’s email promotion earlier this year and have found that your instruction resonated more with me than anything I have tried in the past. I now have check points that help get me back on track when things start going “sideways.” Thanks, I will look forward to the newsletter.

  26. Marlon Neely says:

    It is great to have you back! You have made the golf swing very understandable and I really appreciate that. Thank you.


  27. Larry Burns says:

    interested to read what you have to say about the golf swing

  28. merv says:

    good to have you back

  29. PHILIP DOUGLAS says:


  30. pete says:

    Hey Tracy, good to hear from you. Look forward to more instruction on the golf

  31. Irene Tennant says:

    It was good to hear from you again and I am looking forward to the next post and the book

  32. Shane says:

    Hi Tracy , love to speak to it seems we have a similar passion … Golf … I have a background in Clinical Hypnotherapy…& NLP… And sat down and wrote and audio golf program to help weekend at the Tee…
    However not real clever at internet marketing. PS Have 3 other programs in the pipeline based on time Distortion…. Love to talk with you …
    Shane Grills

  33. Richard Clive g. Rowe says:

    I have found your download on the golf swing my point of reference. Also it has been useful when I have a golf lesson. Our golf pro makes a good analysis of one’s problems and is able to impart the issues so that one can correct faults when they creep in. Items in your booklet have extra meaning after such a lesson.
    I look forward to your next writings to reveal other aspects about the golf swing, possibly in relationship to chipping and bunker play as well.
    Good luck with your project.
    Best wishes

  34. Ugur Etkin says:

    Yes, I want to read a chapter from your book.


  35. Greg Hill says:

    Keep up the good work, Tracy! Thanks, Again!


  36. Paul France says:

    E-mailed link NOT working for book………..

    have ordered the book from UK Amazon to add to my Golf Swing Control book and videos brought in 2008

  37. Douglas Pudsey (doug_golf) says:

    Tracy, glad to see your message and have purchased your book on Amazon. I would like to keep in touch with you and also any new updates will be appreciated to receive them. Still practicing indoors at home during the winter months.
    Best regards,
    Douglas Pudsey

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